Winter Collection '20

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  • This collection was created for the everyday hustle.


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For Everybody

made for hustlers

We are not defined by gender or status but by our actions.

California Born

bay area based

We proudly represent the Bay Area and are inspired by the California culture.

Built to Last

never follow. only lead.

We design our products to be timeless.

About Us

Who is not “Conflicted”? It does not matter who you are. You have been pulled in by other worlds and have had to choose to indulge or look the other way. We are here to say: KEEP GOING, NEVER STOP HUSTLING because failure will NEVER overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. A lot of clothing brands these days say this but we mean it; we are more than just a clothing company, the #CONFLICTEDMAFIA is a community of dreamers, hustlers, and survivors. 
You only have yourself, your circumstances, your determination, your creativity, and your assets. So at the end of the day LGBTQ+, black, white or purple, age 1 or 101, the Conflicted Mafia is anyone who relates to our values, our community, and our mission/lifestyle.
When it comes to the products we sell our mission is to: provide our community with affordable clothing while sustaining luxury looks and quality.
Based in Bay Area, California. 
Established in 2019
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